3D Printing

Why Choose Catz Design Farm for your printing needs

  • I run 18 FDM printers here at Catz Design Farm.  I can handle most materials including HTPLA, PETg, ABS, ASA, PC blend, TPU, and have experimented with PP and BASF ultrafuse.  I currently do not have the capability for high temp PEI pure PC or some of the other high temp exotics.
  • I can print carbon fiber filled materials and frequently use CF PETg by atomic for high strength parts.  From partnerships with other small businesses, I can also arrange parts to be done with HP Multijet Fusion , Polyjet and SLA technologies.
  • My print farm can handle everything from small detailed parts on .3mm nozzle toolheads to large parts on the 475mm hypercube.  I also have a Delta that can do 20" tall by almost 12 inch diameter.   The main fleet consists of machines by Lulzbot.
  • Featuring printers from Lulzbot, SeemeCNC, BD3D Hypercube, Eryone and Anycubic machines.