About Us

Helping people and businesses bring concepts to reality

  • Dorian Ferrari - Owner/Operator - Catz Design Farm.  I have been working with and around 3D printing technology since the mid 90's, The first machine that Mattel had was a SLA250 by 3D systems.  Over the years the rapid prototyping arm of Mattel grew to include multiple resin machines by EnvisionTec & 3D systems, Stratasys FDM machines, Stratasys (now owned) Objet and Objet Connex material blending polyjet's. and other technologies that have come and gone.   When I left Mattel in 2015, I created my own business doing primarily product development and knew I needed some type of printing technology for supporting prototyping.  Enter desktop FDM.  While not offering the industrial capacity of stratasys FDM, or the detail of the SLA or Polyjet machines that Mattel had, they were an affordable means of doing prototyping.  That grew to become part of the business doing small-scale manufacturing for several clients, as well as continuing the prototyping work necessary to develop product for clients.
  • I have been in 3D modeling and Product Development since 1990.  Working at companies such as Beckman Instruments, Mattel, and Boeing, I have a keen understanding of materials and processes.  Working with additive manufacturing technologies such as SLS, SLA, DLP, FDM, Polyjet, and the more recent HP MJF, I can guide customers to the best solution to their needs.