Welcome to the 3D printing arm of Catz Design Farm. Featuring printers from Lulzbot, SeemeCNC, Anycubic and a custom built 500mm Hypercube from BD3D customs, we aim to make FDM printing affordable to small businesses and hobbyists. With up to 18 printers running, and two in custom build enclosures for materials that are temperature sensitive we can meet your needs for prototyping and small-scale production. If you need Product Development support, please head on over to www.catzdesignfarm.com

We are open and operating normally through the covid pandemic

Featured Printer

Featuring highly modified Lulzbot Taz 5’s


Dorian Ferrari – Owner/Operator – Catz Design Farm.  While I had been working with and around 3D printing technology since the mid 90’s, when I started my own business, my 3D printers were for design validation and prototyping of client designs that I develop.

My primary focus is on product development, but as time move forward, and I added additional printers and started doing printing for small scale production for a couple clients. Serving the Colorado Springs and Front Range area I do general 3D printing and prototype work for small businesses and direct inventor clients.  With the launch of the dedicated 3D printing site, I am opening the shop to a broader array of customers.

I have been in 3D modeling and Product Development since 1990.  Working at companies such as Beckman Instruments, Mattel, and Boeing, I have a keen understanding of materials and processes.  Working with additive manufacturing technologies such as SLS, SLA, DLP, FDM, Polyjet, and the more recent HP MJF, I can guide customers to the best solution to their needs.  If I cannot provide the service, I will direct them to the best service providers in the business for their needs.


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